Batman v Superman trailer

Tell me. Do you bleed?

Apparently the leaked one really annoyed Zack Snyder, as he released official Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer today.

Here is a few things I’ve spotted on the video and my comments on them. May contain spoilers from comic books.

It’s no secret I hate Superman. Like, I hate him very much. This is one of the reasons why I like The Dark Knight Returns, among other things. And upcoming Superman ( or Batman?) movie is heavily inspired from The Dark Knight Returns (TDKR), a comic book features an old, retired Batman who cannot resist to wear the cowl to clean corrupted Gotham City once more.  He confronts with Two Face, Joker and lastly with Superman himself, who is became a puppet and fighting for the American government.

The trailer starts with a scene showing a statue of Superman, possibly in Metropolis, while people are commenting about him (TV shows?).

Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?

Human beings have a horrible track record of following people with great power.

Power corrupts.

And we hear a line from Lex Luthor himself:

Devils don’t come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky.

And while people a chanting like “Go home, go home” we see this:


While these happens, in one scene we see Superman is holding a broken Russian satellite or rocket. In TDKR, Superman detonates a Russian nuke in the sky and it turns off all electronics in U.S.


Another interesting scene is this one. Did you notice soldiers have Superman logo on their shoulders? These two indicate Superman is a toy of the government like in the comics. OMG I hate him so much.

In TDKR; media, police and even president of USA hates Batman because of his methods. It seems like Superman is the hated one on the movie.

Screenshot (123)

(probably) Alfred is talking now while Bruce who is not looking old at all is staring at batsuit. Like he hasn’t worm the suit like a long time. Maybe Jason died and he quit?

A few explosions with Prometheus-esque music later we see Batman in his suit. This looks really good. And he is on top of a build with a sniper rifle. This scene is directly taken from TDKR and it was actually a grapple rifle.


Here is Bats in his power suit. Woa, this one really looks like the one in comics. And white glowing eyes looks amazing. Personally I think they really should go with white lenses in his regular suit too, this is a part of Batman.


And Batman speaks:

Tell me. Do you bleed?

I liked it. Sound is a bit robotic because of the suit but other than that, it really sounds like Batman in my head. This is a huge relief after throat-cancer-bat-voice in Nolan movies.

[Superman lands]

You will.


  • Superhero Spot

    Why do you hate Superman so much? He’s not normally a government puppet
    as depicted by the Batman-fanboy Frank Miller in TDKR. In fact, he’d be
    the last guy to become a government stooge. Not surprising Frank would
    write him this way considering he also hates him (but then he also
    writes Batman as a narcissistic jerk).

    • wunnle

      Actually I was hating Superman before I read TDKR. I think he is a overpowered, pretty straightforward character who was probably good for 1930’s, but should not be exist in current era of comics.

      • Superhero Spot

        Wow, that’s a big call. Superheroes are meant to be overpowered, and fantastical characters. The whole genre is designed as an escape from reality with characters that are more than just men – super men if you will.

        Also, Superman is no more overpowered than majority of the big characters these days. Hulk is a prime example, Thor or any other superhero on his level (which there are many). In this day and age, even Batman is as ‘overpowered’ as Superman. His fans might hide behind the premise of him being ‘only a man’ yet his feats and accomplishments are far from that. He punches on with god level beings, he has contingency plans for any situation and a Deus ex Machina gadget to help him overcome any odds. At least Superman fights beings on his level, whereas Batman fights characters who could easily wipe the floor with him if it wasn’t a constant fan service. I love Batman, don’t get me wrong but he is becoming a meme of himself these days and it appears we’ve all lost what made him special in the first place – and that is the fact he is just a well trained man with indomitable will and a variety of skills at his disposal, not a person who can dodge the Omega Beams of Darkseid, or outmaneuver super-powered beings with speed beyond human limits.

        And Superman can be as complicated or as straightforward as anyone else as well, I believe that all depends on the writer and the story he’s involved in. Like every other hero, he has his own limits and is challenged in different ways – physically of course, emotionally, mentally and morally. The great stories are the ones where he is challenged in multiple ways, where he’s pushed to his physical limits while his place and purpose on Earth is questioned, his emotions are played with and he’s forced to make life and death decisions in the heat of the moment, within split seconds. Despite all his strength, he only has two hands. Despite all his speed, he cannot be in two places at once. He is not a God, he has limits and a story that pushes him to those limits is exciting. People assume because of his strength, stopping a runaway train for example, is a simple feat and yet they overlook the complex mathematical calculations he must make in those seconds to stop it. The speed he needs to travel at, the amount of force he needs to apply etc. What if there is also a natural disaster on the other side of the world at the same time? Can he reach BOTH? If not, how does he decide which one to go to and who to help? In the hands of the right writer, Superman can be a very complex character with a lot of interesting themes and ideas in his books.

        I would also argue that he’s also probably more relevant in these days, with our fixation on dark and cynical antiheroes driven by vengeance or some traumatic life event, here he is simply doing what he can because he can, because it’s right and he chooses to help people. He stands up for his morals despite them being unpopular. He is positive and has hope for a better world. He is a bad ass, anyone that has read his books over the years will know that, but he doesn’t need to dress in black and hide in the shadows and growl to prove that. He represents that absolute power does not have to corrupt absolutely. He’s meant to be an inspiration, rather than relateable. Ideally, you should read his books and say, I can be more like him. I can be better.

        Of course, all of that is just my opinion. I’m very passionate about comic books haha. Either way, I’m excited for the new movie. I hope it captures both characters accurately and exceeds all expectations.

        • wunnle

          Superheroes meant to be “super” and I agree that Superman can be really interesting in the hands of right writers. Because superheroes needs equal level of “super” challenges to their power.

          In case of Hulk, even if his power is on Superman level (which is not actually), he can’t control his actions and he does not want to be Hulk (at least on good comics). Spawn another overpowered hero, maybe even more powerful than Supes, but he has lots of problems, does not know his limits, has a power-meter etc. I’m not saying it’s impossible to write comics that gives Superman a real challenge. I just don’t find the plots of gods colliding that much fun.

          We are witnessing to more realistic approaches to comic book characters nowadays. I believe majority of people are feeling the same way with me about Superheroes. That’s the reason of Batman is still top selling title of DC and that’s why people like Iron Man this much (one other reason is RDJ ofc).

          And yep, current state of Batman is really ridiculous in the comics, honestly I don’t even read any titles from new 52 anymore. But that also kinda proves my point, since the Batman sales are terrible right now.