Celebration of 3000th tweet

and some illustrations

Well, I’m sure you all already aware of the importance of number 3000. If you don’t, here are a few examples: Futurama takes place in 3000, “O” letter – which is the oldest one in alphabet – first used on 3000 B.C. , there is “mystery science theater 3000″ and mmm, and in Roman numerals it’s MMM! As you can see, it’s pretty important. So I decided to celebrate my 3000th tweet by taking three illustration requests from people on twitter and draw them.

First one was Poison Ivy from @onursonat. That was the hardest one as matter of fact. But the most fun one was this as well.


Well here it is. I’m über-amateur on coloring things yet, so, well it’s a little ugly.

Second one was a HORSE. Well that’s exactly what @Mandos_ said (actually he said AT which is HORSE in Turkish and I assumed he means Adventure Time, it turns out he did not, but that gave me an idea though). Behold for the HORSE


Ok, stop looking it now. So, I was waiting for my last request while playing TF and BAM! Some guy called @therealefe asked me to draw Skips from Regular Show. I was really happy, because I have watched Regular Show for last week without doing anything else. I even drew a Rigby before. STOP LOOKING AT THAT HORSE I SAID. I never knew drawing Skips’ head was this hard.


Well that’s all folks. See you again on a more weird numbered twitter celebration.

By the way, as you probably noticed, my blog is in English now. This is totally unrelated to this 3000 thing. Yup.