End of the Line is here!

but falls a bit short of expectations

Long-awaited Team Fortress 2 SFM movie and the community update these awesome guys working on for almost one and a half year is finally released. Update features a thirteen minute long movie – which is so awesome I’ll watch it again as soon as I finish writing this article, a new pyro taunt , tons of new miscs from the short and a new melee reskin.

If you are not familiar with the story, at the first End of the Line it was a SFM movie. The guys working on the short released a trailer, Valve liked it, offered them to make a community update based around the End of the Line. Well, TF2 community loved the SFM too. Also McVee (who is director of the update) told they are working on a new map and weapons. Beta tests of the map, Snowplow, started after a while. The map was like a hybrid of payload and control point, at least according to what I’ve been told because I never played the beta version to enjoy it on the update.

This, is part about bad news. McVee never promised about the new weapons, so it was a little vague all the time, but everyone was thinking the map was part of the update for sure. Welp, it’s not (neither the weapons). It seems like Valve removed map from the update because it was ‘too confusing and challenging for new players.’

The most exciting part of the update were the map and the weapons, so I’m a little disappointed. Still, we got an amazing animated short and we can still keep our hopes up for Spy vs Engi.