Spy vs. Engineer

a SECOND war update for TF2?


Gentlemen. According do testinglol who leaked various good stuff for upcoming TF2 updates before (like a info about Meet the Pyro and Love & War update and screenshots of koth_king before they released) we are getting an Spy vs Engineer update soon.

As stated in his post on Facepunch, the update will bring lots of new items. A purchasable war journal, new weapons for Engi and Spy AND hats for team Spy and team Engineer. Update will also add some quests and objectives (such as kills, headshots and friend list kills) and a new competitive mode with matchmaking and ranking system. Pretty exciting huh? Another proof for Spy vs. Engineer update is codes found in server.dll file in Scream Fortress update. The file contains a lot of classes like CGCMsgGC_SpyVsEngyWar_IndividualUpdate, CSOTFSpyVsEngyWarData, CGCMsgGC_SpyVsEngyWar_JoinWar and codes about new matchmaking mode.

Original War update ,which released in 2009, was between Demoman and Soldier. Playing as Demoman or Soldier gave you a kill a counter which increased each time you killed an opposing class. Kills of each player for team Demo and team Solly added up for seven days and in the end Soldier won the event. The Soldier acquired a new item, gunboats, at the end of the event. So we can expect awards for Spy and Engineer similarly on this upcoming update too.

So, sharpen your knifes and erect those dispensers! Because Spy vs Engi might be coming sooner than you expected. wunnle

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  • Pim Peters

    I’m actually looking looking forward to this, even though I barely play Spy and Engineer. It will just be lovely to see those spies and engineers running after each other like crazy when the update hits. Also interested which kind of special items they might release for the classes, because gunboats had a pretty huge effect on the gameplay of lots of rocketjump Soldiers. I can’t imagine anything that they could add up to Spy/Engineer without the game getting unbalanced. But Valve wouldn’t be Valve if they couldn’t find a solution for that!