15 October
New Design! and photobombasaurus says hi

wunnle.com redesigned and it’s out of beta now, yay. I’ve prepared an illustration – which may or may not include a few geeky easter eggs inside – for header part. It’s the most detailed thing I’ve illustrated so far, so especially digital inking and coloring part took really long time, but it taught me many valuable lessons (like I didn’t know how to use Illustrator at all). Here is the full resolution version:


(here is a link to the image, if you must go deeper)

The purpose of homepage of a blog is let people to discover the posts which interests them. So it should focus on showing lots of posts without skipping what they are about. Therefore, I’ve converted homepage to two column system, shortened the excerpts a bit, without disrupting general style.

As for the single post page, this one is all about readability. If you click a post link, you don’t wanna see unrelated things on sidebar, you just want to read the article. Thus, I removed crap around article. I’ve changed the font, put some whitespace around the text and enlarged images. I’ve coded a new share system this morning (and last night. all night) which looks awesome. It turned out so great, I’m gonna put a picture of it here.

This starting to become something like a boring changelog, so I’m done. Enjoy the new site.

PS: Illustration on the top DOES include several references inside. Also there is a totally surprise prize (a game from steam) to the person who catches ‘em all in the comments section. wunnle

13 August
Celebration of 3000th tweet and some illustrations

Well, I’m sure you all already aware of the importance of number 3000. If you don’t, here are a few examples: Futurama takes place in 3000, “O” letter – which is the oldest one in alphabet – first used on 3000 B.C. , there is “mystery science theater 3000″ and mmm, and in Roman numerals it’s MMM! As you can see, it’s pretty important. So I decided to celebrate my 3000th tweet by taking three illustration requests from people on twitter and draw them. GO ON

20 April
Happy birthday, Bats! A short film for 75th year

In Batman Beyond short film which Darwyn Cooke prepared for 75th year of Batman, Batman Prime and Batman are aganist a familiar foe. Besides, Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle who voiced Terry in Batman Beyond are on leading roles. GO ON

20 March
Do you cuties need some counseling? I'm a trained therapist!

Bu sözler, Arrow’un ‘Suicide Squad‘ bölümünde A.R.G.U.S’un parmaklıkları arkasında olan Harley Quinn’e ait. Bu dizi-arrow evreninde Joker’in, dolayısıyla Batman’in de olduğuna bi’ işaret mi? GO ON

Rust, ilk gördüğünüzde “Lan! Bu az köşeli Minecraft” ya da “Dayz gibi olm bu” tepkilerini verebileceğiniz ve bu söylediğinizde biraz da yanılabileceğiniz bir oyun. GO ON