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Terminator Genisys Trailer Review

I was waiting for you

A few hours before a trailer for upcoming Terminator movie, Genisys released. It looks like timeline is a little bit messed up. Skynet sends a T-800, but this time to further back, so John sends Kyle to protect his mother – this is almost T1 plot now – but when Kyle gets there he learns they already took care of that T-800! They? Sarah and an old T-800 of course. And old-800 was waiting for him for some time. The thing is, it looks like those stuff happened earlier, because T-1000 also there, trying to kill Sarah when Kyle came.

Wut” is the word you are looking for. Here is my theory. Skynet sent T1-Arnold to past to kill GO ON


What was great about Shadow of Mordor?

Cinematics of course. Haha, kidding. I have finished the game two hours ago yet I still have goosebumps. Although gameplay and graphics are really good, you won’t find a word about them on this post. Because the thing amazed me was the plot. Warning, major spoilers ahead.

Game takes place in between The Hobbit and LOTR. Because we don’t know much about that era from the books, this gives writers more freedom on plot of the game without screwing up Tolkien’s saga. GO ON


New Design!

and photobombasaurus says hi

wunnle.com redesigned and it’s out of beta now, yay. I’ve prepared an illustration – which may or may not include a few geeky easter eggs inside – for header part. It’s the most detailed thing I’ve illustrated so far, so especially digital inking and coloring part took really long time, but it taught me many valuable lessons (like I didn’t know how to use Illustrator at all). Here is the full resolution version GO ON